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UMNWEBA is an African commercial creative house, offering a variety of innovative and creative African inspired products and services. We create productions that fulfil and motivate the African and inspires the global community. “ Also call it your one stop African shop, because if you don’t find your African inspired merchandise anywhere else, you will find it at UMNWEBA.”

UMNWEBA is a Xhosa name meaning bee-hive. The name is composed of the first letter of the owners name “B” and the symbolic value of a bee’s hive, creating the name B-HIVE. The bee’s production is its honey, which it stores in its hive.  The honey is then its valued treasure which is found in its house. The hive is symbolic for the company where all of  Bianca’s African inspired creative treasures are produced. This giving birth to the name B-HIVE which is translated in isiXhosa being UMNWEBA.

The company specialises in Craft, Design, Music, Audiovisual Arts, Publishing and Public Speaking. It is composed of 4 departments being UMNWEBA General Product, Ngesintu, UMNWEBA Entertainment & Media Productions and UMNWEBA Motivational Speaking & Life Coaching Services.


To make Africa a commercial brand globally.
Welcome to an African Empire!

Director’s Profile


Bianca Lolwethu Abrahams is a Xhosa lady, who originates from the Jwarha clan within the Khakhaza family in South Africa.  She was born and bred in the Western Cape. She holds a Business qualification for business management and entrepreneurship and a Theology qualification for community work.

She has 13 years of experience in office administration, having worked permanently for the DOJ & CD for 6 years of this period. In 2011 she registered her company UMNWEBA, though the company was not yet active in business during this year. She then resigned from the DOJ & CD  in June 2016 and became active in business with UMNWEBA.

Bianca, creative and social entrepreneur, has a talent and passion for the arts (creativity) and also for community building. She decided to combine her two passions and become a creative and social entrepreneur and created UMNWEBA creative house, which houses both creative productions and speaking services in motivational speaking and life coaching. She is Owner and Director of UMNWEBA.

“ Mna ndingu Mamjwarha.. uMtika.. uMazaleni.. uKhathithi.. uSoga.. uJotela…
Xa usenza,hiyenze ngesintu. (when you do ,do it in your African way)
You are best positioned in your origin. ”

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Location: Boksburg, Johannesburg, South Africa
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